I believe everyone has at least one super power. Something we are born to do and give.

One of my super powers gives me so much joy. It is the ability to listen to someone’s potential and spirit and receive their unique song. My wish is that this ability can be used to create positive changes – even transformation, for those who believe in the power of music to touch, change and inspire.

If you are in a position in life where you need support in daring to do more of what makes your heart sing – then I can create a song for you which will help you open up for the next step. A song that you can listen to, sing yourself, let vibrate within you and do its job – all to make it easier for you to create the change you want.

I have had the privilege of getting to “receive” music for 15 years now, and have been writing music for birthdays, christenings, funerals, weddings and much more. But it was only when I offered a friend who was displeased at her job, to make a theme song for her, that could help her focus on the dream job she wanted to create, that I really began to realize the true power of this kind of music. I asked her to tell me how she wanted to feel at her new job. She told me and shortly thereafter I could receive her song, “My new job”. At that time, I did not know that, this song would help me create my new dream job too!

After a few months, the song began to play in the back of my mind, and I heard it every now and then. Then I began to hum along, and finally consciously sing it and aim my intention towards what I dreamed of for my business. Things started to happen! It became clearer and clearer to me how I want my work life to look and what I do best.

So, “My new job” led to positive changes in my job and business. One of them is that I finally dare to stand for this superpower in public and offer this service to you who in the depths of your heart long for this kind of assistance on your journey.

If you would like to order your personalized Heart Song™, please apply for a Heart Song™ Creative Session.  During a 30 min Skype or Zoom session we talk about your intention and desire. I will ask a lot of questions and your words will be like keys unlocking your special song. You will get an mp3 with the song recorded a capella, as well as the lyrics on a pdf. Delivery time 1-3 weeks from order date.

To order or listen to sample songs, please contact me at